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Our team of cleaning professionals is dedicated to providing a high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning service that leaves your space feeling fresh and clean. From all-purpose cleaning to specialty services such as mold and mildew removal and pet stain and odor removal, we have everything you need to keep your home or office clean and healthy.

Pico X Super3 General Disinfectant - Environmentally friendly and child safe

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Multipurpose Disinfectant for the whole house

Uses for Super3

  • Disinfecting high-use areas such as door handles, handrails, tap fixtures and switches
  • Disinfecting cutting boards, kitchen bench-tops, food preparation utensils, condiments, menus and cutlery
  • Mould and mildew cleaning and prevention
  • Disinfecting sponges and dishcloths
  • Cleaning refrigerators
  • Cleaning tiles and whitening grout, cleaning toilets, bathtubs etc.
  • Cleaning glass and stainless steel without streaks
  • Deodorising fabrics, especially in pet areas
  • Disinfecting children’s toys, play equipment and utensils
  • Deodorising spaces using a humidifier
  • Cleaning humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Removal of stains caused by organic substances, including in carpets and rugs

Super3 eliminate pathogens on surfaces for 24 hrs NEA recommended active ingredient for disinfecting Super3 is an all-purpose disinfectant for the home...


  • Safe
  • Effective up to 24 hrs
  • Huge volume 5L

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