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Protect the community by using proven antimicrobial coating to mitigate risks of cross contamination - A community project sponsor by Asahi lifecare and support by PicoX
24/7 high efficacy

Up to 99.9% reduction for viruses, bacteria and fungus on treated surfaces. Inactivating harmful organism in-between cleaning routine.

Non-stop Disinfecting

The coating could last up to 6 months, with routine cleaning, without effecting the efficacy.


Coated surfaces could repel water. Added protection for fabric, leathers etc, protecting it from water.

Clear & odorless

Smooth, clear and safe coating that does not alter the coated surfaces' properties.

A community project sponsor by Asahi lifecare

Sponsoring antimicrobial coating that create self-disinfect surfaces to mitigation risk of infection.

We are reaching out to the community to play a part in this pandemic by offering free anti-microbial coating services to high touch points areas within community organisations. Strengthening existing protection against harmful viruses and bacteria in-between regular cleaning, in a safe and environmental friendly way. The antimicrobial coating works round the clock to inactive harmful microbes, could reduce further the risk of infection within the organisation.  

Technology sponsor :

Advance anti-microbial technology powered-by Asahi Lifecare Technology

Collaborated with Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore's lead public sector R&D agency. ACH7 formulated with nano Silver Technology. A hydrophobic air-curable coating which is effective against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

  • A division of Singapore Asahi Chemical & Solder Industries Pte Ltd, a pioneer in interconnect material engineered solutions globally.
  • Established to carry out business for Anti-microbial line of products with R&D in Singapore
  • Collaborated with several government institutions such as :
  • Working with A*star & SimTech for the development of anti-microbial line of products and new technologies

Supporting our community, reaching out providing additional protection to reduce the risk of infection during a pandemic.

Does your organisation serve elderly, children or a community?

Selected organisations will get free anti-microbial coating services. If you represents an organisation that focus in serving a community, please leave us your contact to strengthen your organisation's protection against infection

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Private hired, Taxi and community transport - Free anti-microbial coating for 100 vehicles

Send us your contact details, we will be in touch with you. Our coating specialist will arrive at your designated location for the coating to be applied on. Book your slot now.

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Looking to volunteer?

Be a volunteer anti-microbial coating specialist, help community organisations to fight against viruses. We are looking for volunteers to keep up with our free coating schedules. You will be trained and would require 2-4 hours of your time per locations. Register now and we will be in touch with you. Training will be provided

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Support and Organise by

In support of SG Cares

Sponsor : Asahi Lifecare Pte Ltd

An antimicrobial community project started by Asahi Lifecare and PicoX

Support by PicoX


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