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Join us in the global fight against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Licensing and dealership opportunity

We offer dealership and licensing to corporates around the world to be part of PicoX family, joining the force to protect the wider community around us.


To support our business and technology partners with commitment, adding innovative ideas and establishing frameworks to products and services, value adding to the supply chain and co-create new solutions for the antimicrobial industry.  

Training support

Getting up to speed

Depending on your applications, we will provide guidelines for you and will support in resolving in issues that you encounter for your customers. PicoX would provide relevant and validated information to facilitate in decisions.

Assess to the latest antiviral and antimicrobial technology

Future proof your investment.

We are at the beginning of the antiviral and antimicrobial technology curve. The best is yet to be, we are constantly on a look out for the best to customise your applications and need of your customers. No technology are the same and there are different usages with variable expectations. We have a dedicated team to analyse the market working with communities to identify the next trend.

Reaching out to your customers

Increase revenue streams

Create a strong industry presence, commercialising your products and services to consumers that has been looking for that antiviral and antimicrobial features in your industry. Supporting business partners to market products and services to their target audiences. Creating new business revenue streams with your existing products and services.

Fostering a industry

Community moves the industry

The best deserve the best, create more opportunities and drive adoption across all segments. Overcome obstacles in technology and business development. PicoX hopes to bridge communities within the industry for a bigger good, constantly engage with regulators to path the way for new technology development and adoption.



Facility management services


Brand owners


Medical service providers




Fleet management services



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