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What are the benefits of antimicrobial treatment In a car?

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An ‘antimicrobial treatment’ is a form of sanitization that not only kills but also inhibits the growth of microorganisms like fungi, bacteria, and protozoan. In the face of the current global pandemic, it is essential to keep each and everything sanitized and safe from the deadly viruses. For example, a personal car is one of the best solutions that can keep you and your family safe from the contagion. But, it is equally important that you clean and protects the interiors and the exteriors of your car just like your house, office, elevators, etc., in a way that not only present viruses are killed and removed but the entire car can also be made safe against the future attacks from the viruses. This can be ensured through proper antimicrobial treatment.

Why go for an antimicrobial treatment?

These days the demand for sanitization services is very much high. People are very much eager to sanitize their house, work area, surfaces that are being used by the public, etc. However, given the tremendous threat under which the entire world is placed any ordinary sanitization is not adequate. Now is the time when the requirement of specialized sanitization is high.  Hence antimicrobial coating is the only solution that can work for us in the present times of extreme health hazards.

Many feel that ordinary sanitization services are more that are sufficient to meet the current situation of health hazards. This is a huge myth and to break it we must know the benefits that a service of antimicrobial coating has to offer. Let us take a look at them.

  • Bigger coverage of germs –The antimicrobial coating facilities offer a greater shield to the surface from 99.99% of germs. This is a treatment that covers a larger body of microorganisms. They provide protection against droplet-based viruses such as the SARS virus.
  • Longer duration of safety – As compared to the sanitization services the antimicrobial coating facilities provide a longer duration of safety to the surfaces that have been treated. If in case of ordinary sanitization services the surfaces are protected from viruses and germs for 10 days, then once the antimicrobial treatment is done, the surface is rendered protection for 3 months or 90 days.
  • Simple and easy process –Often people feel that if a treatment provides protection from so many viruses and remains effective for such a long period, it is will be a time-consuming procedure. This is a huge mistake again. The antimicrobial treatment is a simple and easy process that does not take anything more than 10 to 15 minutes. Once the transparent or invisible coating is applied across a certain surface, just allow it to settle down, so that, it gets attached to the surface. This entire process does not take anything more than fifteen minutes. Once this is over, it is good for immediate use.
  • Covers several types of surfaces –The antimicrobial treatment can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. There are services of antimicrobial coating for vehicles, antimicrobial coating for elevators, and so on. This single technology can be applied to leathers, fabrics, steels, plastics, wooden, etc.
  • Cost-effective –The best part of these services is they are cost-effective and affordable. You can get some of the top-rated companies in the market providing antimicrobial coating in India that offers affordable price brackets that can be afforded by a large section of people. In ideal conditions, the price should start from Rs. 15 per sq. ft. of floor area.
  • Highly beneficial for cars –For all those who have a personal car and rely on it for their movement and the movement of their dear ones getting an antimicrobial treatment for their cars is imperative. It protects the interiors of the car, and sensitive areas like the door handles, the dashboard, and the steering.



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